Four TentBox Lites and a Classic camping together

The TentBox

Our story so far...

TentBox was founded in the UK in 2014 and is now the best-selling rooftop tent brand in Britain. We launched in the USA in 2022 and are based out of Tucson Arizona.

A vintage car roof tent from 1956

A very British invention

Inventor Victor Rosen designed a simple and functional rooftop tent way back in the 50s. It didn't take off as roof bars were hard to come by – which massively changed in the 21st century!

TentBox founders Oliver and Neill on their first camping trip with a roof tent

A dream was born

Whilst travelling around France, brothers Ollie and Neill had a dream to make rooftop tents the next big thing by designing RTTs that could fit on any vehicle.

TentBox founder Neill standing with recently manufactured roof tents in boxes

Our first prototypes

Our first prototypes arrived, and we were literally operating out of a garage! We began selling rooftop tents to the UK market.

TentBox founder Oliver and first employee Dom in the first warehouse

Our first warehouse

As TentBox grew, we upscaled the operation, which included opening our first warehouse.

Happy people camping with their TentBox roof tents

Expanding the range

We launched our fantastic new Lite and Cargo models, opening to a wider market and all vehicle types.

The TentBox HQ with two roof tents on cars parked outside

Expanding the TentBox HQ

We moved into a new, much larger office space with attached demo area. This gave our Product Specialists a more comfortable space to keep up our amazing customer service.

A TentBox mounted on a white SUV driving through a canyon in the USA

USA Launch

We expanded into the USA, with a warehouse on the West Coast in Tuczon AZ, allowing us to deliver across all states.

The new and improved TentBox Lite 2.0 installed on a black Fiat Panda

The Lite 2.0 and Lite XL

We launched the new and improved version of our best-selling Lite, as well as the first 4 person roof tent in the UK market, the Lite XL.

Be part of the story

The best on the scene

With 8+ years in the market, and a team of rooftop tent experts ready to help both before and after purchase, we offer a customer experience like no other.