A camping field with many roof tents installed on different cars, owned by TentBox Ambassadors


TentBox Ambassadors are our troops on the ground. As existing TentBox owners, they spread their passion for the brand far and wide.

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What is a TentBox Ambassador

A TentBox Ambassador is a TentBox owner who has decided to sign-up and take a more active role in promoting the brand.

During their regular adventures, Ambassadors spread their love and passion for TentBoxing by giving the general public an insight into the TentBox lifestyle from an owner's point of view.

There are also opportunities to host community meet-ups, take part in content shoots and attend events with the TentBox brand.

Why did we start the Ambassador Scheme?

When you start TentBoxing, you’ll quickly discover that EVERYBODY is interested in this amazing contraption that you now have on the roof of your car! You’ll notice a lot awestruck faces and people will be dying to ask you questions.

The ambassador scheme was created to enable TentBoxers to earn rewards for engaging with people during these ad-hoc encounters, that will happen everywhere you pop your TentBox.

Who can be a TentBox Ambassador? 

The TentBox Community is all about inclusivity and anybody with a TentBox is welcome to become a TentBox Ambassador.

Once you’ve taken delivery of your TentBox, just sign up using the form below and you’ll gain access to your very own Ambassador portal.

What are the benefits of being an Ambassador?

Ambassadors get a discount code that can be shared with friends, family and people they meet on the road.

  • Give a discount to people looking to buy a TentBox
  • Earn a commission for every referral, paid out automatically
  • Exclusive rewards for top Ambassadors, such as limited edition merch

How do I become an Ambassador?

You can become an Ambassador any time after purchasing your TentBox.

Note, in order to get the benefits, you must have an order in our system, to ensure only legitimate TentBox owners are enrolled.

We are currently running a Beta USA Ambassador Scheme. Want to join? Sign up to be a TentBox Ambassador today.

A group of TentBox Ambassadors smiling Two TentBox Ambassadors enjoying a weekend away in their roof tent

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